Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of optimizing a website for better organic traffic from search engine like Google. First step is helping the algorithm understand what your site is about. It must determine this from the words that you use.

The first step is keyword research. What phrases are your customer using when they search for your product or service? Those keywords must be prominent within the dialogue on your website.


Local SEO

Local searches involve local keywords. People tend to call the first numbers they see and those, locally, are in the box with the map. Local Seo involves moving the customer up in the local box. This involves optimizing the power of the Google MyBusiness account of the business.Local Seo requires activity in Google MyBusiness by the business owner. Making posts and getting reviews increases trust.

Just ask



Performance is the only objective. Every website is an experiment. Did we pick the right name? Are we saying the right word, the keywords? Can we hit this keyword? If we do, we are competing with the best in Nashville. When it comes to Seo, pick the ones who can do it for themselves. Do we have the punch? If we do, then our product is valid. Seo can be expensive because of the time required in being someone’s biggest fan. It’s about creating a buzz about someone else’s dream and helping them to be successful


Our Main Message

SEO Nashville Tn

“To see if this website can compete in Seo in Nashville, it would have to beat the others who claim that.”
………..Dave Jackson, LLC


Awards won, distinctions given, those pail beside results, the company philosophy is to prove it first. Pretty websites are impressive but search engines are blind and can only read words. The words have to be right. The perfect words need something else. Links from relevant sources on the internet. Links are references. The job applied for is presence on a search page. 

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